What if you could have a powerful technique that makes billets virtually invisible in your hands?

Or an impression device hidden in an innocent item that no one would think twice about -- yet it becomes a deadly information gathering tool in your mentalism arsenal?

Even better yet, taking Dr. Seuss' beloved book "Green Eggs & Ham" and using it to present a dynamic book test your audience will enjoy?

Mentalism legend Bob Cassidy has done it again...

In his new ebook "The Invisible Billet" he not only reveals those three items but also goes deeper into other tools, techniques and ideas you can use right away.

Bob has always explored new and cutting edge techniques in the world of mentalism, but now he's presenting some brand new ideas and reworked several old ones and put them together just for you.

Inside "Invisible Billet" Bob Uncovers:

  • How To Turn Easily Available Matchbooks Into Powerful Tools Designed To Deliver Information To You Quickly And Effectively...
  • An Ingenious New Card Deck For Bob's Card Memory Routine That Makes It Almost Foolproof...
  • How To Turn An Innocent Children's Book Into A Fun To Do Mental Routine That Audiences Love...
  • Bob Revisits & Reinvents Syl Reilly's "Brain Echo" And Brings It Up To Date...
  • How To Use Frixion Pens In A Spooky And Amazing Routine Called "The Eye"...
  • The Secret To Making Your Own Post-It Note Type Billet Board Impression Device...

Plus Much More...!

This ebook is filled with Bob's insights, experience and sage advice... information that has made him a legend of mentalism.

Partial Table of Contents:

The Matchbook Cover Prediction
Part One -The Invisible Billet
Analysis of the original Jinx center tear
The Ungimmicked Matchbook Impression Device
Matchbook Billets
Multiple Covers
The Billet Board
Part Two - Inner Secrets and Novel Notions
Brain Echo reinvented and revisited
Two Useful Cribs
The Eye
Green Eggs and Ham
The Memory Deck

Plus two appendices of additional material!

From Elliott Bresler, author of Switchcraft:

In The Invisible Billet, Bob Cassidy teaches how to assemble and utilize two impression devices, two pocket writing devices, two special cribs and a gimmicked deck of cards. He also discusses how matchbox covers can be used for billet work, and the advantages of doing so.

I love learning new methods like the ones offered in this e-book, as they can potentially open the doors to countless presentations.

Mr. Cassidy also makes some very interesting observations about the book, Green Eggs and Ham (although I can certainly visualize words like "dark" and "me"), provides an approach to a classic center-tear presentation, some nice tips for Syl Reilly's Brain Echo book test and a cool Frixion pen effect called The Eye. It would have been nice if a couple of photos were provided for The Eye, but that's a very minor issue.

Experienced mentalists and hobbyists will be able to put Mr. Cassidy's methods and ideas to great use, and I highly recommend The Invisible Billet to that market.

From Greg Arce, author of Deep Thoughts:

Bob Cassidy seems to not be able to stop tinkering with ideas... and that's a good thing. In this manuscript he plays around with pocket-writing, billets, center tears, billet indexes, book tests, crib sheets and much more.

You can tell that this man is a real worker by all the valuable insights he gives you about each effect or gimmick.

He's worked out all the details and nuances. The invisible billet is very interesting, but some would say it might even be politically incorrect in these times. I'm sure those that end up using it will be very glad that Bob put it out.

Mr. Cassidy has a way of putting so many things into one book that you can't help but like it. If one thing doesn't appeal to you then on the following page you'll suddenly see a gem of an idea. From something as small as a billet to a book test that can play on any stage. And what makes all these ideas extra special are the instructions Bob gives you so you can make them up yourself. Lots of ideas for the DIY kind of person.

Here's your chance to get your hands on Bob's first ebook in a long time... and put the information he shares to work for you...

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